The Spring Branch FFA Alumni Association is excited to invite you to participate in the 2022 Spring Branch FFA 100 Club! Since the Spring Branch FFA 100 Club buyer’s group started in 2018, we have raised over $55,000 and purchased over 30 animals.  Last year alone, the 100 Club had 154 memberships which raised $15,400 allowing the Alumni to purchase 11 student projects. 


The 100 Club provides an avenue for area residents, friends and family who may not typically participate in the Sale by purchasing a livestock project on their own but would like a way to still contribute to our program. This year, our goal is to have 175 members join our buyer’s group so that we can continue to support our exhibitors by purchasing student livestock projects.


The 100 Club is represented by an experienced bidder who bids on behalf of the Club.  As animals are purchased by the 100 Club, a drawing is held from our membership to determine the winner of each of those projects. Members who purchase more than one 100 Club membership will have more opportunities to win!


The Details:

  • Donations are $100 per membership.
  • Each membership includes a 100 Club hat and an entry in the drawing for the animals purchased by the 100 Club during the Sale.

What Happens if I Win?  The 100 Club member who wins an animal in the drawing has two options.

  1. Donate the animal back for resale. The money raised when it is auctioned at resale will go directly to our Chapter.
  2. Process the animal. In this case, the 100 Club Member is responsible for the processing of that animal, including all associated costs. (Student exhibitors are responsible for the processing of turkeys, broilers and rabbits)

 Questions? Lara Ryan 832-978-3231 or