FFA TIPS – SBFFA Alumni Association

(Parent Organization)




The SBFFA Alumni Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The SBFFA Alumni Association is a parent group that exists to support the parents, students, and teachers at the Spring Branch ISD FFA program.  You do not have to be an FFA Alumnus to be a member! SBFFA Alumni meetings are held monthly and all parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.  SBFFA Alumni memberships can be purchased on the Membership Form each fall, or you may contact the SBFFA Secretary to purchase your membership.





Please be sure to include your email address on all forms.  Emails will be sent regularly from the SBFFA Alumni association.



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The SBFFA website has a wealth of information, updated regularly.  SBFFA news, forms, calendar, membership directory, and Show and Sale information can be found at https://www.sbffaalumni.com.


Social Media

Facebook & Instagram:  https://www.facebook.com/SpringBranchFFAAlumniAssociation

Twitter: @SpringbranchFFA





The SBFFA Alumni Association volunteers participate the following major events each year:

  • Brunch At The Barn (August)
  • Mandatory Student/Parent FFA Meeting (September)
  • SBFFA Alumni Sporting Clays Tournament Fundraiser (October)
  • Santa's Farm (December)
  • Christmas Dinner (December)
  • Show and Sale (February)
  • Work Days (multiple throughout the year)




There are many opportunities to volunteer at SBFFA!  All volunteers wanting to spend time at the farm must first register with SBISD.  Simply visit:  https://volunteer.springbranchisd.com/ each year and register for the Guthrie Center!  Many volunteer opportunities will be listed at the Alumni Association meeting at the beginning of the school year and on the Alumni Association website.  Throughout the year, watch for emails and the newsletter for other ways to help SBFFA. 

*** All Livestock projects require at least one parent volunteer.




The SBFFA Alumni Association offers business and family underwriting opportunities through the SBFFA Ad Book, GALA, and Show and Sale.  The funds raised support the SBFFA directly and allows the Alumni Association to fund requests and activities to support the Ag Science teachers and FFA members at the farm and with outside of-school opportunities.  This is the most effective way you can support SBFFA financially, regardless of the participation level you choose.  Jr. and Sr. FFA members benefit by the programs and activities funded by the Alumni Association budget.  Businesses and families should contact the current SBFFA Alumni Association President to find out what opportunities are available throughout the year.




Ad Book

The Ad Book provides businesses a way to support and advertise with the SBFFA.  Parents can also purchase ads for their Jr. and Sr. FFA members to wish them good luck on their projects.



The SBFFA GALA is a relatively new event and it will be held in October.  The gala is for present and past Alumni Association members and friends of SBFFA  to come together for fellowship and enjoy a night of fun while raising money for the SBFFA Alumni Association. Funds raised from the gala will support activities and programs for all Jr. and Sr. SBFFA members.


Show and Sale

Business and parent support is important to make Show and Sale a success for our Jr. and Sr. SBFFA members.  Businesses and parents can support our students through the purchase of live animal and non-livestock projects, silent auction items, add-ons, underwriting banners and buckles, as well as other underwriting opportunities for the event.


100 Club

The purpose of the “100 Club” is to give area residents, friends and family the opportunity to invest $100 towards the purchase of an animal in the Spring Branch FFA Sale (also known as the Livestock Auction). The “100 Club” will be represented by an experienced bidder and certified auctioneer who will bid on behalf of the Club. At the end of the Sale, each $100 investor has a chance to win an animal project! Our goal is to reach Buyers who would not typically participate in the Sale. This provides these friends an opportunity to invest a minimum amount of money, have a chance to win a livestock project, and make a big impact on our Sale. The underlying objective is to reward students for their hard work, to maintain sale prices at a level at which the students can make a profit to be invested in future projects, and to help with furthering their education at a post-secondary institution.




FFA Lingo


These are phrases, abbreviations, etc. that you will hear around the farm.


Chapter - Student organization


Alumni - Parents & friends of SBFFA - you do not have to be an alumni of an FFA program to be a member


AST - Agricultural Science Teacher


FFA Member - Students 9th-12th grade


Jr FFA Members - Students 6th-8th grade


LDE - Leadership Development Event (competes in the Fall Ex:Public Relations, Senior Skills, Creed Speaking, Chapter Conducting)


CDE - Career Development Event (competes in the Spring Ex: Poultry Judging, Livestock Judging, Wool Judging, Equine Judging, Veterinary Science)


SAE - Supervised Agriculture Experience (raising a livestock project or other Ag activity)


AET - Ag Experience Tracker (Record Book Keeping)


Non Livestock Projects - (Horticulture, 2-D Art, Food, Creative Arts)


Shooting Sports - (participate in trap and sporting clay tournaments)


Building Communities - Green Point Activity


Strengthening Agriculture - Yellow Point Activity


Growing Leaders - Blue Point Activity


FFA Creed - The FFA Creed expresses E.M. Tiffany’s strong belief in the industry of agriculture and the core values of citizenship and patriotism. FFA members must recite the creed to their ASTs in order to earn their FFA Jackets.